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The Modern Southern Garden: Lady Fern

The Modern Southern Garden  The Profile Lady Fern The modern southern garden should include a variety of ferns. Lady Fern, more specifically ‘Lady In Red’ Fern, Athyrium felix-forma, is a shade thriving perennial that may be found in boggy areas, particularly near creeks & streams. It is known to be hardy & easy to grow making it an excellent […]

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The Five Essential Shade-Loving Perennials

The Modern Southern Garden The Profile The Five Essential Shade-Loving Perennials The modern southern garden should include a variety of leafy specimens. When warm weather flowers that thrive in sunny locations are chosen to create lovely arrangements for parties, look no further than shade-loving musts to provide a supporting role so their beauty may shine. […]

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The Modern Southern Garden: Variegated Hosta

The Modern Southern Garden The Profile Variegated Hosta Plantain Lilies are shade loving perennials that should be in every Southern garden as once they emerge in the spring, their bright foliage can be used in floral arrangements well into the fall months. These low, clumping plants produce leafstalks ranging in colors from green, blue-green, chartreuse & blended […]

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The Modern Southern Garden: The House Sparrow

The Modern Southern Garden The Profile  The House Sparrow  The house sparrow or passer domesticus is a common bird that may be found throughout North America that made its first appearance in our country in 1851. It is a bird that typically settles in suburban neighborhoods particularly near buildings & manmade structures. Their nests may […]

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The Modern Southern Garden: ‘Alcazar’ Iris

The Modern Southern Garden The Profile ‘Alcazar’ Iris The modern southern garden should include a variety of Irises. ‘Alcazar’ Iris is a tall bearded variety that may be identified by two distinctly different colored sets of petals. The top portion known as the standard display very pale lilac petals while the lower petals or the fall offer […]

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The Modern Southern Garden: Alexandrina Saucer Magnolia

The Modern Southern Garden The Profile  Alexandrina Saucer Magnolia The modern southern garden should include trees filled with sophisticated blooms. Alexandrina Saucer Magnolias are a medium-sized tree growing between 20 to 30 feet with tulip-shaped blooms that emerge between February & March in the lower Southern United States depending on how warm or cool the temperature has been […]

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