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I’m an artisan home cook. You’ll find some quick recipes here, but sometimes your cooking needs a little heart and time to make it taste good, even when it’s the most basic of recipes. Have you ever heard the saying, you have to love the food in order for it to taste good— it’s so true! Think about it, generally when you rush through a recipe or skip a step or ingredient, it just isn’t the same. You may even want to try some of these recipes on the weekend when you have a tad more time. It may take an extra 10 or 15 minutes, but it will be well worth your effort and the proof will be revealed when there are no leftovers remaining.


Rebecca GordonRecipes connect us to one another and to the past forming a strong community bond. Just as I will share my recipes and ideas with you, I want you to do the same. However I ask that you share your source and I’ve made it easy for you. All of the recipes on Buttermilk Lipstick stamped with the RKG monogram are exclusive, original content developed and produced by me. I encourage you to share them with your friends and by all means, pin away but please do not claim them as your own or alter the photos or recipes. I promise to do the same for you and I sincerely appreciate you being respectful of that.

The Recipes

You’ll find different types of recipes when you drop by and each will showcase a theme. From southern-style entertaining driven menus and special occasions to the basic fundamentals of preparing everything from homemade yeast breads to how to select the perfect peach for a lattice topped pie, I cover it all.

No. 1

The Basics
Cooking & Baking Essentials

I firmly believe that in order to make a really fabulous recipe, you must go back to the basics. Here, you’ll find kitchen tested recipes prepared in my home—developed, written and tested by a former kitchen director. I know how frustrating it can be when you’re knee deep in a recipe and something goes awry…communication is key. I find it’s the extra little bits of information that can sometimes make or break success. We also need a little coaching along the way so look for a heaping helping of advice within the body of the recipe. Once you have a good solid base recipe, let your imagination run wild. I’ll give you a few suggestions along the way but don’t stop there, by all means make it your own.

Sometimes there are recipes with a lot of steps or components. That doesn’t mean it’s difficult to make, there’s just a little more to it than the average weeknight supper. I’ll share with you how I like to breakdown those types of recipes. When you know how to do something, like make a batch of cookie dough, sometimes it’s just a matter of giving some visual cues to follow in addition to some basic instruction. I’m going to walk you through it and share additional tips, step by step photos and information to help guide and coach you along the way.

No. 2

Classic Southern Favorites

Pretend as if we were sitting next to one another in the waiting room at the doctor’s office or we’re waiting for our hair to process at the beauty parlor, I’ve found, that besides catching up on the latest celebrity gossip via People magazine, the next natural topic of conversation is food. Irresistible recipes are exchanged at the shampoo sink regularly and I cannot wait to share them with you. From how to fry chicken to holiday specialty cakes, I cover traditional cooking and baking techniques that I’ve learned from my mother and grandmother as well as shortcuts that help streamline recipes to make them more manageable and practical for the busy, modern woman. You’ll also find twists on some of these recipe favorites that present a fresh idea on a tried and true staple.

No. 3

Game Day & Seasonal Entertaining

The Buttermilk Lipstick community focus is organized as a seasonally driven recipe and menu home. I cook and entertain just like you do, in real time. More than likely, the top post reflects the leftovers you’ll find in my refrigerator at that moment in time and can be prepared for current holidays, celebrations or even just the everyday weeknight supper. They’re made with a combination of common pantry staples and fresh ingredients at their peak that can be found in your cupboard or at your local farm stand right away.

Game day entertaining and tailgating in the South is a huge part of who we are as a collective region. From August through the bowl games, the entertaining focus on Buttermilk Lipstick gears specifically to game day recipes, entertaining and casual style tips for hosting friends in your tent or at home to watch the game on Saturday. You’ll find team taunting recipes that jab the competition all in good fun but you’ll also see those seasonal recipe classics we just can’t seem to get enough of in the South that can be taken to a ball game or prepared for a special Sunday lunch.

The Crafts

I am a craft geek. Food and paper are my favorite medium. From game day inspired football bunting to standard pies baked with gridiron style, I’ll share casual ways to add simple design elements to your festive socials.

The Sponsored Posts

I’ll add the names of products that I use or absolutely love whenever possible. I simply have my favorites due to much trial and error and a career built on recipe testing in a professional home kitchen setting. If a post is sponsored, you can trust I will disclose that information to you up front.

Please. Drop by often and let me know how I can help make your everyday cooking tasks, tailgating socials and seasonal gatherings a pure delight.

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