what to do with pepitas & queso fresco… {right this minute}

pepitos & queso fresco

{perk up farm stand produce & sundries}

the 411

roasted & lightly salted pumpkin seeds
found w/ the bulk packaged nuts & seeds in your grocery store
{look near the produce section}

queso fresco
mexican crumbling cheese w/ very mild flavor
think fresh, salty & a touch sour generally made from cows milk or a combo of cow & goat
{texture much like feta}

what to do with them
sprinkle them over these ideas

easy app

Pepper Jelly Ideascrackers w/ farm stand pepper jelly & sliced pickled jalapenos

supper salad
bibb lettuce
cilantro leaves

grilled chicken
olive oil, salt & pepper… squeeze w/ fresh lime juice after grilling

white wine vin w/ minced jalapeno
{prepare & store in a small Mason jar}
1:1 olive oil & white wine vin… i prefer a tangy dressing
a couple of Tbsp Dijon, a little sugar, salt, pepper, & minced fresh jalapeno

grilled side dish
{mexican street corn}
Grilled Corn w/ Queso Frescostir together mayo, crumbled queso fresco, chili powder & pepper
spread on grilled corn & sprinkle w/ pepitas
{serve w/ lime wedges}

more, more, more
top  tacos & enchiladas
sprinkle over watermelon w/ fresh lime or mint
top sliced tomatoes
sprinkle over summer-fresh soups
sprinkle over grilled vegetables

just a few ideas to fix ’em up real pretty
{the song… a stretch but i really love it}

download it
“Atlantic City” The Band

Atlantic City – The Band

{watch the video on YouTube… uploaded by Whatchaneed23}

Be sweet.

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