The Pâte à Choux Appetizer Canapés Collection

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Southern Socials 

The Pâte à Choux Appetizer Canapés Collection

When planning spring parties, fill menus with a selection of fine French inspired pastries from Gougeres to Paris-Brest Canapés. These savory appetizers are guaranteed to elevate tables instantly & pair wonderfully with custom cocktail classics from a French 75 to a Sidecar. A simple recipe of Parmesan accented pâte à choux serves as the foundation for these lovely specialties. Curate this beautiful pastry ensemble for your next spring social.

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How To Prepare A Tasting Collection Of Hors d’oeuvres & Cocktails

Planning & logistics are the key fundamentals to hosting fabulous southern socials. Piping bags & pastry tips will be needed in order to craft these canapés properly. Invest in a collection of simple shot glasses to serve the cocktail.

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rebecca gordon buttermilk lipstick Southern Recipes & How To's Easy Tailgate Recipes RebeccaGordon ButtermilkLipstickThe Technique

Knowing when & how far in advance recipes may be prepped for parties will help ensure a smooth event. Follow these pointers for an organized execution.

No. 1

The Gougeres

Ensure the puffs have a rounded, tidy look. Dampen your finger with water & lightly press any tips flat. This will prevent any excessive browning & ensure a beautiful finish to the Gougeres. Prepare them the morning of parties & plan to serve them later in the day or into the evening.

No. 2

The Paris-Brest Canapés

Paris-Brest Canapés are meant to be eaten the same day in which they are prepared. Bake them in the morning then fill them with the Fresh Herb Cheese just before serving & passing.

No. 3

The Sidecar

Create a small bar area to make the Sidecar cocktails when entertaining. Zip a vegetable peeler down the side of lemons to create 2-inch pieces of zest that can be added to rims for a bright garnish just before passing. Capture large quantities of lemon juice & take care of that task ahead. It can be stored in small glass carafes until needed. 

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