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How To Select Apples For Pie & Pastry Applications 

Choosing the right variety of apples for baking can mean the difference between a well-balanced, firm slice of pie to a saturated dough filled with super sweet, mealy applesauce. With a multitude of choices available at the produce stand, it can be difficult to know which apples will perform the best in a pastry perfect application. Many recipes may even list several good contenders that would be ideal to use but without much guidance as to the expectation or the qualities that each apple offers & delivers in the final dish. From sweet & crisp to crunchy yet tart, I’ve provided a one stop guide to help you select the best apples to cozy up for cooking & baking. Follow my tips & prepare to make a tasteful fresh-from-the-kitchen jewel. 

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Summer Of Pie: How To Select Apples For Baking By Rebecca Gordon Buttermilk Lipstick TV Cooking Personality Writer Pastry Chef Food Stylist Southern Hostess Tailgating Expert Editor-in-Chief Tide & Tigers Today Tailgate Host WBRC Fox 6 Birmingham Alabama Cooking Lessons How To Make Double Crust All-American Apple PieHow To Select Apples For Pie & Pastry Applications

A combination of apple varieties can make any cooked creation a real work of art.
Some are known for their sweet flavor while others lend tart punch. 
As a rule of thumb, it’s generally a good idea to pair one of each for balance.

How the flesh breaks down during the cooking application is another point to consider.
Use these cues to guide your selection for premium taste & texture in the final recipe.

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All of the apple varieties listed are good contenders for cooking & baking.
Simply mix & match them in your favorite apple recipes.

Granny Smith

A firm texture with sour notes, these tart, tangy apples hold up well during cooking applications whether on the stovetop or from the oven. Granny Smith apples have long been known to be the solid foundation for excellent pies. Blend alongside one or two varieties with sweeter flavors for an unbeatable slice.


These crisp apples hold up beautifully in baking applications. Expect a mildly sweet flavor that pairs well with Granny Smith & other more boldly flavored apples.


With a rich outer red skin swiped with golden hues, these prized apples are known for a crisp bite & super sweet flavor that hold up well during baking applications.

Rome Beauty

It’s generally the ruby red color that grabs your attention with this apple at the produce stand. Known for a mild flavor, try blending them with other apples for a more balanced flavor combination.


The flesh of this variety holds up well during cooking applications. It’s known to add sweet & spicy notes to recipes.

Golden Delicious

Consider using this sweet variety in apple butters as the flesh breaks down more easily. You’ll find that less sugar is needed in recipes that star this popular fruit.


These firm flesh apples provide both sweet & sour notes for a beautiful balanced flavor. They hold up well during cooking & make for a wonderful choice in pies.

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Quilted Star All-American Apple Pie

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