The Basics: Green Beans

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How To Blanch Green Beans

Green Beans

Green beans offer valuable benefits nutritionally. An excellent source of fiber & vitamin C, they are low in calories & carbohydrates. When choosing them for purchase, look for blemish free beans with bright color & reject those not up to standard. Since green beans offer lovely color on the plate, they are an ideal vegetable to serve with a variety of main dish entrees such as Peppercorn Beef Tenderloin, Bourbon-Orange Baked Ham & Apple-Bourbon Herb Roasted Turkey. Learn how to prep the beans properly for a variety of cooking applications. 

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How To Blanch Green Beans

In order to the prepare the green beans for the blanching process, they must be snapped. Hold the bean in one hand & remove the portion of the tip that originally was attached to the vine. The string portion of the beans can sometimes be tough once they are cooked so it’s important to remove any that easily appear during the snapping process. As you snap the tip away, pull the portion in a downward motion to remove them. 

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Cooking green beans for a short amount of time retains nutrients & brings out their rich, vibrant color. You’ll also reap the benefits nutritionally when the cook time is fast. Once a mess of green beans have been snapped, place them in a colander & rinse them well under cool water. The beans will then be ready to be blanched in boiling water.

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Fill a Dutch oven with water halfway up the sides. Bring the pot of water to a boil over High heat. Add the green beans & start your timer. Anywhere from three to five minutes is a standard time to blanch them. The point to consider is that green beans will generally be cooked again according to specific recipe instructions so if you prefer a crisper texture & snap, blanch them for less time. Meanwhile, fill a very large bowl with ice & water.

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When the alarm sounds, drain the green beans in a colander in the sink. Quickly transfer the hot green beans to the ice water bath using a pair of tongs. Allow them to stand about 5 minutes or until they are ice cold to be certain the beans have stopped cooking.

If the ice melts & the beans are still warm, add additional cubes to the water.

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Drain the green beans well in a colander once again. Vigorously toss them to release as much water from them as possible. 

The green beans can either be sautéed as for the Lemon-Thyme Green Beans or refrigerated until you’re ready to finish them for a meal. The blanching process can be executed several hours in advance to save valuable preparation time close to the dinner hour.

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