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The Basics: Serrated Utility Knife

Cooking Essentials  The Technique Serrated Utility Knife A serrated utility knife is a multipurpose tasking tool that should be in every kitchen. Generally measuring approximately 9-inches in length, it makes slicing items with thick skins or crusty surfaces fast, simple & less cumbersome all the while providing a neat, clean appearance. They are a vital […]

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The Basics: Cherokee Purple Tomatoes

Cooking Essentials The Profile Cherokee Purple Tomatoes Cherokee Purple tomatoes are an heirloom variety that may be identified by their meaty taste & bold, deep pink coloration although they are technically considered a black tomato– those that are rich in anthocyanins. The flavor of this slicing tomato is best when the fruit is given an opportunity to ripen directly […]

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Cooking Classics: Pecan Pesto

Cooking Classics The Technique Pecan Pesto Fresh basil, Parmesan cheese & flavorful spices make pesto a wonderful summer staple that may be used to make salads, side dishes & pasta better. Although traditionally prepared with pine nuts, peanuts, pecans & many other nuts many be substituted to offer a slightly different taste. Pecan Pesto is […]

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The Basics: Campari Tomatoes

Cooking Essentials The Profile Campari Tomatoes  Campari tomatoes, also known as solanum lycopersicum ‘campari’, are considered a cocktail tomato & were developed specifically for the modern consumer. Campari’s are a good choice to use in salads & appetizers for those whom maybe aren’t inclined with a green thumb as they’re readily available in markets. The fruit is sold […]

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The Basics: Golden Jubilee Tomatoes

Cooking Essentials The Profile Golden Jubilee Tomatoes Golden Jubilee tomatoes, more scientifically known as Solanum Lycopersicum ‘Jubilee’, are a low acid slicing tomato ideal for use in salads & on sandwiches. These medium beauties weighing approximately 10-ounces range in color from golden yellow to orange & offer firm flesh with a slightly sweet flavor. They pair […]

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Cooking Classics: Peanut Pesto

Cooking Classics The Technique Peanut Pesto  Rocketing up & over herb containers with the promise of well seasoned goodness, August has always been particularly fond of basil. Naturally, pesto is a wonderful way to make the most of your plentiful bounty. Peanut Pesto is a gardeners dream offering quick supper solutions as life gets busier once again. […]

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25 Summer-Fresh Recipes With Homegrown Tomatoes

Cooking Essentials The Profile 25 Summer-Fresh Recipes With Homegrown Tomatoes If you started a vegetable garden in the spring, you’re more than likely harvesting goodies daily for use in all sorts of delicious dishes. Homegrown tomatoes have long been coveted gems in the South as they may be added to everything from appetizers & salads […]

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The Basics: Citrus Reamer

Cooking & Baking Essentials The Technique Citrus Reamer A citrus reamer is such a valuable tool in the kitchen as it may be used to extract a small or large amount of juice from fruits ranging from lemons & limes to tangerines, oranges & so much more. Although there are many sizes from which to […]

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