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The Basics: Mirepoix

Cooking Essentials The Technique  Mirepoix Mirepoix is a combination of diced aromatic vegetables designed to flavor a wide variety of dishes. Onions, celery & carrots make up the collection that are cooked in a bit of oil or butter. This basic set of ingredients may be found in recipes ranging from soups & sauces to braised items. Most […]

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The Basics: Celery

Cooking Essentials The Technique Celery Celery is a kitchen staple that flavors soup, main dishes & sauces beautifully. They may also serve to play a valuable role as a dipper when appetizers are planned for parties. A stalk composed of ribs that may be used to flavor anything from chicken salad to Zuppa Toscana, celery […]

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Cooking Classics: Jambalaya

Cooking Classics The Technique Jambalaya Jambalaya is a classic Louisiana dish that may be prepared all sorts of ways by using one type or a combination of meat & seafood ranging from sausage, ham & chicken to shrimp & crawfish. It’s a tomato & rice-based dish that gets a lot of flavor from the use of […]

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Cooking Classics: Red Beans & Rice

Cooking Classics The Technique Red Beans & Rice Red Beans & Rice With Sausage is a simple one pan meal that may be prepared quickly on the stove top. It’s a regional classic that relies on the holy trinity, a specific combination of aromatic vegetables, for it’s distinctive flavor. Green bell pepper, onion & celery […]

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The Basics: The Holy Trinity

Cooking Essentials The Technique  The Holy Trinity The holy trinity in cooking is a combination of aromatic vegetables designed to flavor many Cajun & Creole dishes. Onions, celery & green bell pepper make up the collection with fresh garlic often added to round out the distinctive flavors. This basic set of ingredients may be found […]

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The Basics: Green Bell Peppers

Cooking Essentials The Profile Green Bell Peppers  Green bell peppers may be used in a variety of recipe applications. Once the seeds have been removed, whole vegetables may be stuffed with flavorful rice & beef combinations then baked, sliced for use in garden fresh salads or diced & sautéed for gumbo, étouffée & more. Bell […]

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Rebecca Gordon’s Cooking Class: Lesson No. 5 Aromatic Vegetables

Rebecca Gordon’s Cooking Class Cooking Skills Lesson No. 5 Aromatic Vegetables The Objective: Today’s lesson focuses on aromatic vegetables & the valuable role they play in a variety of cooking applications ranging from savory main dish dinner solutions to delicious, wholesome soups. You may have recently picked up a variety of vegetables from the market […]

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The Collection Of Classic Easter Entrees

Spring Entertaining Southern Socials The Collection Of Classic Easter Entrees  A collection of main dishes filled with bold flavor make for beautiful Easter plates. Many of these delicious options may be prepared in advance then roasted before the meal is to be served. I have included rack of lamb, pork loin & prime rib, however […]

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