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The Essential Guide For Decorating Sugar Cookies

Baking Essentials The Technique The Essential Guide For Decorating Sugar Cookies When a fool proof polvoron or sugar cookie dough has been prepared, the decorating options are endless. Pans of Polvorones Amarillo, Tri-Color or Polvoron Trebol, Polvorones Con Aroma A Naranja & Galletas Con Grageas to more traditional favorites including Classic Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Sugar Cookies, Pumpkin Spice Sugar Cookies & Gingerbread Cookies […]

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The New Collection of Polvorones

Holiday Entertaining Southern Socials The New Collection Of Polvorones An irresistible collection of classic Mexican cookies & pastries are ideal to serve for many celebrations ranging from holiday gatherings to birthday parties, showers & more. A recipe of polvoron dough opens the door to many shapes & cookie styles that may be offered to guests. Irresistible sweets […]

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Baking Classics: Tri-Color Polvorones

Baking Classics The Technique Tri-Color Polvorones Bright, festive cookies such as Polvorones Amarillo & Tri-Color Polvorones have long been staples in panaderias. Their cheery nature tends to draw you in. Tri-Color Polvorones may be prepared with a batch of polvoron dough. Simply divide it into three portions, then tint each with traditional yellow, pink & brown color. Many times […]

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Baking Classics: Polvorones Amarillo

Baking Classics The Technique Polvorones Amarillo Polvorones Amarillo or Mexican Yellow Sugar Cookies are a fun addition to any collection of sweets you plan to serve guests during the holidays. They begin by using a lovely naranja or orange scented polvoron dough while a bit of granulated sugar & food coloring paste creates their signature appearance. […]

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The Basics: Vegetable Shortening

Cooking & Baking Essentials The Technique Vegetable Shortening Vegetable Shortening is a valuable kitchen ingredient. Although many consider it to have some negative characteristics, the main being lack of flavor, it does have a place in recipe applications. Vegetable Shortening may be used in making all sorts of baked goods ranging from flaky pie crusts, biscuits […]

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Polvorones Con Aroma A Naranja-Rebecca-Gordon-Editor-In-Chief-Buttermilk-Lipstick-Culinary-Entertaining-Techniques-Baking-Classic-Mexican-Sugar-Cookies-RebeccaGordon-Pastry-Chef-Birmingham-Alabama

Baking Classics: Polvorones Con Aroma A Naranja

Baking Classics The Technique Polvorones Con Aroma A Naranja Polvorones Con Aroma A Naranja or Orange Scented Polvorones are a simple variation to this classic polvoron dough. It is the shaping technique that distinguishes it from other styles as just a cookie scoop & a drinking glass are needed to replicate the look. If variety […]

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Baking Classics: Galletas Con Grageas

Baking Classics The Technique Galletas Con Grageas Galletas Con Grageas, also referred to as polvorones Mexicanos or Galletas Con Chochitos, is a classic Mexican cookie style that begins with Polvoron dough. It’s thinly rolled, cut into circles, brushed with an egg wash & topped with colorful dragees. The cookies have a soft texture & may be found in […]

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Polvoron-Polvorones-Baking-Cookies-Rebecca Gordon. Cooking & Baking Turorials By Rebecca Gordon Editor-In-Chief Buttermilk Lipstick. Stand Mixer Paddle Attachment How To Make Brownies Southern Party Menus Entertaining Ideas TV Cooking Personality How To Bake Southern Baking Cakes Brownies Cookies

The Basics: Polvoron

Baking Essentials The Technique Polvoron There are many authentic Mexican cookies that are wonderful to serve during the holidays & beyond. Polvoron is a soft Spanish shortbread or simple sugar-based dough consisting of butter, shortening or a combination of the two, sugar, flour & leavening yet sometimes nuts may be included. It many be used many different […]

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