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The Basics: How To Choose A Whisk

Cooking & Baking Essentials  The Profile  Whisks Whisks come in all sorts of sizes & many varieties from which to choose as they are designed for very specific tasks. Ultra small classic shaped whisks are ideal for emulsifying small batch salad dressings & marinades perfect for beef cuts such as skirt steak & flank steak […]

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Baking Classics: Miniature Chocolate-Sour Cream Cupcakes

Baking Classics The Technique Miniature Chocolate-Sour Cream Cupcakes Miniature Chocolate-Sour Cream Cupcakes are the ideal dessert to serve when casual entertaining is in order. These rich little gems may be adorn with chocolate or vanilla frosting, then topped with chocolate curls to really send the look & the taste over the edge. Be certain when […]

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Cooking Classics: Chocolate-Sour Cream Frosting

Cooking Classics The Technique  Chocolate-Sour Cream Frosting  Chocolate-Sour Cream Frosting is a delightful choice to finish a batch of Chocolate-Sour Cream Cupcakes. Expect a distinctively twangy taste & beautiful color contrast. It may be also used when preparing vanilla or chocolate cake layers however a double recipe will be needed in order to cover the […]

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Baking Classics: Chocolate Cupcakes

Baking Classics The Technique Chocolate Cupcakes Cupcakes seem innocent enough but sometimes they can be a bit tricky to pull off from scratch. Many layer cake recipes make the claim that they can easily convert into two dozen magical little cakes by portioning the batter into two paper-lined {12-cup} muffin tins & baking them for […]

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Summer Entertaining: Truffle Brownie Sundaes

Summer Entertaining Southern Socials Truffle Brownie Sundaes Truffle Brownie Sundaes are a decadent way to celebrate the end of a lovely summer supper whether barbecue or kabobs are the main dish attraction. Prepare Buttermilk Truffle Brownies as directed & slice them into squares. Next, place the desired number of servings in small bowls. Top them […]

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The-Summer-Chocolate-Dessert- Collection-Rebecca-Gordon-Publisher-Buttermilk-Lipstick-Southern-Entertaining-Pastry-Chef-TV-Cooking-Personality-Birmingham-Alabama

The New Collection Of Chocolate Summer Desserts

Summer Entertaining Southern Socials The New Collection Of Chocolate Summer Desserts  A sweet collection of petite-sized morsels make a fun summer dessert that is ideal to serve for Father’s Day & many other festive celebrations. Miniature Bittersweet Chocolate Tartlets may be prepared using Buttermilk Pate Sucree that is fit into tiny tin molds, baked, then […]

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Baking Classics: Bittersweet Chocolate Tartlets

Baking Classics The Technique Bittersweet Chocolate Tartlets Bittersweet Chocolate Tartlets are the perfect dessert to serve when showers & parties are planned. Line them up on heirloom silver trays to make them easy for guests to place on plates when buffet-style service is offered. If something a little larger is desired, look no further than […]

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Baking Classics: Bittersweet Chocolate Tart

Baking Classics The Technique Bittersweet Chocolate Tart Bittersweet Chocolate Tart is perfect when a smaller dessert is desired for summer celebrations. The filling uses one recipe of Bittersweet Chocolate Pastry Cream that is then chilled & topped with sweetened whipped cream. For a more traditional pie, look to Double Chocolate Icebox Pie. The decadent cookie crumb crust […]

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