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Spring Entertaining: Miniature Hummingbird Bundt Cake

Spring Entertaining Southern Socials Miniature Hummingbird Bundt Cakes Miniature Hummingbird Bundt Cakes are baked in a non-stick canelé pan. Canelé or Cannelé are the creme brûlée of little cakes. French in origin, they feature a dark, caramelized exterior with a soft set custard center. Lovely bundt cakes may be baked in the same non-stick pans making them a bit more […]

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Cooking Classics: Cream Cheese Glaze

Cooking Classics The Technique  Cream Cheese Glaze Cream Cheese Glaze is a simple icing that gives Miniature Buttermilk Hummingbird Cake Loaves just the finishing touch. The recipe is a good one you’ll use to time & time again as it also looks & tastes great with Petite Buttermilk Carrot Cake, another fabulous spring party dessert ideal for Easter celebrations. […]

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Spring Entertaining: Miniature Buttermilk Hummingbird Cake Loaves

Spring Entertaining Southern Socials Miniature Buttermilk Hummingbird Cake Loaves Miniature Buttermilk Hummingbird Cake Loaves are the answer to a much more casual way to serve every day meals. Although it is perfectly appropriate to slice & arrange the cake on serving platters for early morning luncheons, teas & spring gatherings, it is a wonderful cake […]

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Southern-Entertaining-Rebecca-Gordon-Buttermilk-Hummingbird-Petit Fours-Buttermilk-Lipstick-Southern-Hostess-Cooking-Baking-Tutorials-How-To-Make-Petits-Four-Baking-Tutorial-Rebecca-Gordon-Pastry-Chef-TV-Personality-Birmingham-Alabama

Baking Classics: Hummingbird Cake Petit Fours

Baking Classics The Technique  Hummingbird Cake Petit Fours Spring parties in the South just wouldn’t be complete without a dozen or two Hummingbird Cake Petit Fours that utilize all of the same ingredient components as traditional & Miniature Buttermilk Hummingbird Cakes. Look to The Essential Guide To Making Petits Fours for details regarding the precise method for dripping […]

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Baking Classics: Miniature Buttermilk Hummingbird Cake

Baking Classics  The Technique Miniature Buttermilk Hummingbird Cake Rather than create a standard-size cake, spring parties may be celebrated with a variety of options that seem a bit more appropriate. Miniature Buttermilk Hummingbird Cakes offer a petite appearance & may be used in a variety of ways when entertaining. You will need to invest in 2 […]

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The Profile. Heirloom Cake Servers By Rebecca Gordon Editor-In-Chief Buttermilk Lipstick Culinary & Entertaining Techniques Toasted Coconut Cake Cooking & Baking Tutorials Editorial Director Digital Culinary Photo Journalist Pastry Chef TV Cooking Personality Modern Southern Socials Game Day Entertaining Easter & Spring Party Ideas Weddings Showers & Southern Soirees

Spring Entertaining: The New Collection Of Hummingbird Cakes

Spring Entertaining  The Profile Hummingbird Cake A lovely selection of handcrafted cakes are ideal to offer guests for a number of spring occasions from weddings & bridal teas to baby showers & Easter celebrations. Hummingbird Cake is a classic that originated in Jamaica. It was first published by their tourism board around 1968 & is […]

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Three Essential Classic French Cakes & Cookies

Spring Entertaining Southern Socials  Three Essential Classic French Cakes & Cookies A striking selection of handcrafted little French cakes & cookies may be offered to guests for a number of occasions from bridal teas & showers to Easter & spring celebrations. These desserts are timeless & will certainly elevate menus beautifully. The good news is that they […]

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The Profile: Miniature Springform Pans

Cooking & Baking Essentials The Profile Miniature Springform Pans A springform pan is a piece of equipment that operates with a spring released latch to secure or remove the sides of the pan from the base when in use. It is preferred in recipes when inverting items for removal is not possible or not desired in […]

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