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Rebecca Gordon’s Cooking Class: Lesson No. 3 Flour

Rebecca Gordon’s Cooking Class Cooking & Baking Skills Lesson No. 3 Flour The Objective: Today’s lesson focuses on flour & the valuable role it plays in a variety of cooking & baking applications ranging from savory main dish dinner solutions to seasonal sweets. You may be experimenting with a little baking right now or find […]

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Rebecca Gordon’s Cooking Class: Lesson No. 1 The Appendix

Rebecca Gordon’s Cooking Class Cooking & Baking Essentials Lesson No. 1 The Appendix The Objective: Today’s lesson focuses on the basic skill of measuring ingredients properly & familiarizing yourself with The Appendix which includes some general information that will help you know what temperature different foods & equipment should be & help you make quick […]

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Spring Entertaining: Miniature Hummingbird Bundt Cake

Spring Entertaining Southern Socials Miniature Hummingbird Bundt Cakes Miniature Hummingbird Bundt Cakes are baked in a non-stick canelé pan. Canelé or Cannelé are the creme brûlée of little cakes. French in origin, they feature a dark, caramelized exterior with a soft set custard center. Lovely bundt cakes may be baked in the same non-stick pans making them a bit more […]

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Cooking Classics: Cream Cheese Glaze

Cooking Classics The Technique  Cream Cheese Glaze Cream Cheese Glaze is a simple icing that gives Miniature Buttermilk Hummingbird Cake Loaves just the finishing touch. The recipe is a good one you’ll use to time & time again as it also looks & tastes great with Petite Buttermilk Carrot Cake, another fabulous spring party dessert ideal for Easter celebrations. […]

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Spring Entertaining: Miniature Buttermilk Hummingbird Cake Loaves

Spring Entertaining Southern Socials Miniature Buttermilk Hummingbird Cake Loaves Miniature Buttermilk Hummingbird Cake Loaves are the answer to a much more casual way to serve every day meals. Although it is perfectly appropriate to slice & arrange the cake on serving platters for early morning luncheons, teas & spring gatherings, it is a wonderful cake […]

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Southern-Entertaining-Rebecca-Gordon-Buttermilk-Hummingbird-Petit Fours-Buttermilk-Lipstick-Southern-Hostess-Cooking-Baking-Tutorials-How-To-Make-Petits-Four-Baking-Tutorial-Rebecca-Gordon-Pastry-Chef-TV-Personality-Birmingham-Alabama

Baking Classics: Hummingbird Cake Petit Fours

Baking Classics The Technique  Hummingbird Cake Petit Fours Spring parties in the South just wouldn’t be complete without a dozen or two Hummingbird Cake Petit Fours that utilize all of the same ingredient components as traditional & Miniature Buttermilk Hummingbird Cakes. Look to The Essential Guide To Making Petits Fours for details regarding the precise method for dripping […]

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Baking Classics: Miniature Buttermilk Hummingbird Cake

Baking Classics  The Technique Miniature Buttermilk Hummingbird Cake Rather than create a standard-size cake, spring parties may be celebrated with a variety of options that seem a bit more appropriate. Miniature Buttermilk Hummingbird Cakes offer a petite appearance & may be used in a variety of ways when entertaining. You will need to invest in 2 […]

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Spring Entertaining: The New Collection Of Hummingbird Cakes

Spring Entertaining  The Profile Hummingbird Cake A lovely selection of handcrafted cakes are ideal to offer guests for a number of spring occasions from weddings & bridal teas to baby showers & Easter celebrations. Hummingbird Cake is a classic that originated in Jamaica. It was first published by their tourism board around 1968 & is […]

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