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The Basics: How To Choose A Whisk

Cooking & Baking Essentials  The Profile  Whisks Whisks come in all sorts of sizes & many varieties from which to choose as they are designed for very specific tasks. Ultra small classic shaped whisks are ideal for emulsifying small batch salad dressings & marinades perfect for beef cuts such as skirt steak & flank steak […]

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The Basics: How To Tint Frosting For Decorating Sugar Cookies

Baking & Pastry Essentials The Technique How To Tint Frosting For Decorating Sugar Cookies Although Classic Royal Icing is the foundation for which many beautiful decorated sugar cookies rely on, different textures may be desired in order to create specific designs. Frosting is a medium that adds a whipped & fluffy appearance offering a three […]

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How To Decorate Holiday Cookies Rolled Fondant Bow By Rebecca Gordon Editor-In-Chief Buttermilk Lipstick Culinary Entertaining Techniques. French Pastry Pin Cooking Baking Tutorials Modern Southern Socials Game Day Entertaining RebeccaGordon Southern Hostess Southern Entertaining ButtermilkLIpstick Pastry Chef TV Cooking Personality How To Make Laminated Dough Pastry Dough Croissant Dough Classic Baked Goods Pastries Breakfast Danish Pastry Birmingham Alabama

The Basics: How To Make A Fondant Bow

Baking & Pastry Essentials The Technique How To Make A Fondant Bow Rolled fondant has become so popular that many grocery stores stock it with other classic baking staples. While I do not recommend the flavor, it’s an easy & fun way to add charm to cookies or cupcakes. Think of it as a decorative element. Working with […]

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The Basics: Food Coloring Paste

Baking & Pastry Essentials The Technique Food Coloring Paste Food coloring paste can be used to create all sorts of special interest to cookies & cakes. Unlike traditional liquid coloring available from most grocery stores, paste offers a more intense hue & allows deeper, saturated & more rich color to doughs, frostings & icings. There […]

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The Basics: Pastry Bags & Tips

Baking & Pastry Essentials The Profile Pastry Bags & Tips This refresher tutorial is designed to offer pointers for decorating all types of items but it is especially relevant when Christmas cookies are in the making. I hope you find it to be informative & helpful so your projects & tasks become more manageable.  Pastry bags […]

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Rebecca Gordon’s Cooking Class: Lesson No. 10 Sugar

Rebecca Gordon’s Cooking Class Cooking & Baking Skills Lesson No. 10 Sugar The Objective: Today’s lesson focuses on sugar & the valuable role it plays in baking applications ranging from cookies & candies to cakes & pastries. Learn about the standard types available & how to put them to use for your holiday baking projects. […]

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The Basics: Vegetable Shortening

Cooking & Baking Essentials The Technique Vegetable Shortening Vegetable Shortening is a valuable kitchen ingredient. Although many consider it to have some negative characteristics, the main being lack of flavor, it does have a place in recipe applications. Vegetable Shortening may be used in making all sorts of baked goods ranging from flaky pie crusts, biscuits […]

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The Basics: The Egg Wash

Cooking & Baking Essentials The Technique The Egg Wash There are several ways an egg wash may be prepared. Different ingredients may be used in order to create specific coloration. Sometimes, the egg wash is necessary in order to ensure toppings & enhancements stick to the surface, too. Whisking together an egg with a splash […]

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