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The Basics: Queso Fresco

Cooking Essentials The Profile Queso Fresco Queso fresco has long been an essential ingredient used in authentic Mexican cuisine. It is a mild, fresh crumbling cheese typically prepared using cow or goat milk. Queso fresco may be identified as having a slightly salty yet bright, milky flavor with just a hint of twang. It is made […]

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The Basics: Serrano Peppers

Cooking Essentials The Technique Serrano Peppers Serrano peppers are well known as a type of chili pepper that originated in Mexico most ideal for use in fresh applications. They register on the Scoville Scale, a chart specifically designed to gauge the heat level of peppers, typically between 10,000 to 23,000. Bell peppers fall at the bottom […]

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Cooking Classics: Charred Salsa Verde

Cooking Classics The Technique Charred Salsa Verde Charred Salsa Verde is no more complicated than whirling up your favorite fresh red salsa recipe in the food processor except one additional fast step has been added to the method of preparation. Running the tomatillos under the broiler for just a few minutes on each side chars the […]

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The Basics: Tomatillos

Cooking Essentials  The Technique Tomatillos Tomatillos are green or purple husk tomatoes known for their sour, acidic taste, firm texture & small size. There is a common misconception that they are hot or spicy but rather it’s the peppers used in conjunction with them which determine any heat level. Tomatillos are used in a variety […]

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The Essential Guide To Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Cooking Classics The Technique The Essential Guide To Authentic Mexican Cuisine Family meals filled with fresh ingredients & exciting flavors are a wonderful way to spend time with loved ones at the dinner table. You can create restaurant quality recipes & meals at home perfect for entertaining or for any night of the week. Hand […]

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Summer Entertaining: Whole Wheat Pull Apart Pepperoni Pizza Bread

Summer Entertaining Southern Socials Whole Wheat Pull Apart Pepperoni Pizza Bread Crowd-pleasing pizza flavors have long been a favorite when fall festivities are planned. Whole Wheat Pepperoni Pizza Rolls feature a good for you homemade dough that can be prepared well in advance, then baked just before gatherings. Fresh Tomato-Basil Sauce is the perfect accompaniment for […]

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The Basics: Nova Grape Tomatoes

Cooking Essentials  The Profile Nova Grape Tomatoes Nova grape tomatoes are a firm, sweet variety known for their rich, orange hue. It is considered an intermediate level undertaking if growing your own plants. The oval-shaped fruit grows on lengthy stems & weigh approximately 1/2-ounce each. Plants are compact & thrive with minimal staking. The leaves […]

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The Basics: Fresh Mozzarella

Cooking Essentials  The Technique Fresh Mozzarella Fresh mozzarella is a bright white, mild tasting cheese most often made from pasturized milk. The most traditional method for preparing the cheese that originated from Italy is crafted from the water buffalo, however many good versions are successful if made from cow or goat milk as well. Fresh […]

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