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The Basics: Chèvre

Cooking & Baking Essentials The Technique Chèvre  Chèvre is a tangy cheese made from goat milk. Many wonderful recipes ranging from appetizers such as Fresh Herb-Chèvre Cheesecake to Chèvre-Basil Tartlets & side dishes may be prepared with it. Even desserts such as Vanilla Bean-Chèvre Sabayon is a lovely way to conclude a delicious celebration meal. Chèvre is most often found […]

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Spring Entertaining: Fresh Herb-Chèvre Cheesecake

Spring Entertaining Southern Socials  Fresh Herb-Chèvre Cheesecake Fresh Herb-Chèvre Cheesecake is a simple way to indulge in a few spring gifts. Chives, parsley & rosemary gently flavor this savory appetizer & blend beautifully with the tangy notes from the goat cheese while fresh lemon brightens the nibble. Serve with blanched & chilled haricot verts or […]

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The Basics: English Cucumbers

Cooking Essentials The Profile English Cucumbers English cucumbers or cucumis sativus, may be identified as having much smaller seeds, an unwaxed skin that is much thinner than traditional varieties & a lengthier overall shape. They are generally sold unwaxed & wrapped in plastic to protect the outer surface that is a bit more delicate comparatively making […]

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56 Best Spring Entertaining Recipes, Party Menus & Garden Essentials

Spring Entertaining Southern Socials  56 Best Spring Entertaining Recipes, Party Menus & Garden Essentials Whether your upcoming gatherings are large or small in nature, a lovely collection of recipes, party menus & simple entertaining solutions are effortless to curate. When resources are not quite the same as what we have been accustomed to in past, […]

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Three Essential Classic Super Bowl Football Party Snacks

Game Day Entertaining Southern Socials  Three Essential Classic Super Bowl Football Party Snacks Super Bowl 54 kicks-off in Miami, Florida on Sunday & I have you covered for a starting line-up of essential snacks to get the party underway. With a few iconic buffalo chicken recipes, fanatics are sure to be pleased with the selections. Chipotle Chili […]

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Rosemary Veal Terrine With Mushrooms & Pistachios By Rebecca Gordon Editor In Chief Buttermilk Lipstick Culinary Entertaining Tecniques. French Classics Cooking Baking Tutorials Modern Southern Socials RebeccaGordon Pastry Chef TV Cooking Personality Southern Hostess Birmingham Alabama

Cooking Classics: Terrine

Cooking Classics The Technique Terrine A terrine is a classic French combination of ground meats ranging from pork, veal & seafood to nuts, vegetables, spices & herbs. What distinguishes it from the typical pâté, is that it is blended & generally bound with an egg, then placed in a mold & baked in a bain-marie. […]

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Rosemary Chicken Pate By Rebecca Gordon Editor In Chief Buttermilk LIpstick Culinary Entertaining Techniques. Classic French Recipes cooking baking tutorials modern southern socials rebeccagordon tv cooking personality pastry chef southern hostess birmingham alabama how to make chicken pate

Cooking Classics: Pâté

Cooking Classics The Technique Pâté Pâté is a forcemeat that may contain a variety of ingredients ranging from liver, ground pork, fish or beef to vegetables, herbs, spices & other seasonings. It’s quite simple to prepare & makes a wonderful appetizer to serve guests. Accompany with caper berries, gherkins & homemade bread or offer it […]

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The Basics. Garlic By Rebecca Gordon Editor-In-Chief Buttermilk Lipstick Culinary Entertaining Techniques Southern Entertaining Classic Italian Recipes RebeccaGordon Buttermilk Lipstick Southern Hostess Modern Southern Socials Game Day Entertaining Pastry Chef TV Cooking Personality Birmingham Alabama How To Cook With Garlic

The Basics: Roasted Garlic

Cooking Essentials  The Technique Roasted Garlic  A head or two of garlic may be roasted whilst braising or baking a family meal in the oven making smart use of time & resources. The technique mellows the harsh tones of raw garlic & offers a more complex flavor to a variety of recipe formulas. Add it […]

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