{the highlights} 2012 BCS championship

{amazing…zereaux tolerance} {waiting to get into the Superdome… pleasure to meet you, Trent Rich’s mom} {beignets and coffee are always the start of a good day…even if it begins at 2pm} {bama belles we stumbled upon heading to Bourbon Street. I’m sure they were dancing in the street afterwards like we were} Now go take […]

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a {you can’t catch me} production starring TRENT RICHARDSON as {the gingerbread man}

{only in the South do you merge Christmas holiday traditions with college football festivities} When I asked Lucy and Owen to come over to bake off a-just-shy-of-a-dozen-batch of the Alabama Crimson Tide offensive line, I must admit there was a good deal of silence on the other end of the phone. Once the cookies were dived and sent […]

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back in the saddle again

i HEART november college football

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parking lot party fare

Wheel in to your favorite grocery store or catering joint and pick up a few of your signature specialties. Shhh… it’ll be our little secret. The inspiration for this post comes via the biggest socialite in town, as my mother would often bump into her in the Western parking lot before teas and luncheons. With […]

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for those about to rock…

{we salute you, million dollar band}

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an elephant never forgets…

The 3rd Saturday in October is always circled with vigor on my calendar having lived and suffered through the “lean years”. However, Marrow and I know our loyalty and support has paid off. No Mt. Cody this go round but several outstanding folks available to step up. {rooting extra hard today for the Alabama Crimson […]

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cledus t {brought to you by a cryin’ all the time production}

{… and funded by unsuspecting donors like me and M} Our flip-flop loving, houndstooth-hound sure is as cute as a button however the sleepless nights and toddler like similarities made us question whether getting this mouthy mutt was the right thing to do. Having been fans of labs for years when we lost our sweet […]

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no, i’m not an alabama cheerleader but i play one on tv

… or uhh, in my case, the Thanksgiving follies after the big meal. I love how my brother, in the background, is so deeply enthralled with my performance he can hardly stand up straight. Speaking of Thanksgiving, our family’s fondest memory is when my aunt didn’t offer any gravy for the roast beast. The oversight […]

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tailgate paper

{start gathering supplies}

Now is a good time to take stock in supplies left over from last year– you’ll need to pull out that box you stuffed in the corner of the garage and rummage through it. {look for fun paper products at party supply stores} {look for cheery polka dots in your team colors} {brown craft trays […]

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too bad you’ll always techincally bleed crimson… {vols}

{rammer jammer yellowhammer give ’em hell alabama} roll tide

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