The Basics: Dried Anaheim Chiles

Cooking Essentials The Profile Dried Anaheim Chiles Dried Anaheim Chiles are peppers that originated in California named specifically after the city in which they are grown. They register on the Scoville Scale, a chart specifically designed to gauge the heat level of peppers, typically between 500 to 1,000. Bell peppers fall at the bottom of the […]

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Cooking Classics: Red Chile Sauce

Cooking Classics The Technique Red Chile Sauce Classic Red Chile Sauce is typically a mild pepper based component that may be used to accompany tamales, enchiladas & more. The most popular types used when preparing it include dried peppers such as Ancho, Hatch or New Mexico chiles which are available in mild & spicy varieties, Anaheim […]

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Cooking Classics: Tamales

Cooking Classics The Technique  Tamales Tamales may be prepared a number of ways with a variety of sauces or gravies to accompany with them. A little planning will be necessary in order to make these delicious authentic Mexican specialties. Although most typically crafted with slow roasted pork, smoked pulled pork, also known as southern-style barbecue […]

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The Basics: Corn Husks

Cooking Essentials The Technique Corn Husks Corn husks are a vital recipe element necessary when making authentic tamales. Tamales are a wonderful main dish entree consisting of masa, a filling of your choice & a sauce or gravy to accompany them. The cooking method utilizes a steaming procedure in order to ready the irresistible gems […]

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Cooking Classics: Mexican Street Corn

Cooking Classics  The Technique  Mexican Street Corn  One of the most popular street foods is Mexican-style corn. It’s most often prepared with white corn that isn’t quite as sweet as what we are accustom to however it’s just as delicious. It is usually boiled in water but grilling the corn gives it one additional layer […]

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Fall Entertaining: Smoked Pork Tacos With Salsa Roja

Fall Entertaining Southern Socials Smoked Pork Tacos With Salsa Roja Mexican street food encompasses a wide variety of items that local vendors may be preparing in the open marketplaces found in many communities. Offerings range from a lengthy list of classic favorites from gorditas, quesadillas & tamales to the ever hardworking taco just to name a […]

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Cooking Classics: Salsa Roja

Cooking Classics The Technique Salsa Roja Salsa Roja is a red sauce staple that may be prepared mild for use in classics including enchiladas & huevos rancheros or more spicy for quesadillas & tacos. This particular tutorial features the use of serrano peppers however many different types may be substituted depending on the heat intensity […]

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Cooking Classics: Homemade Tortilla Chips

Cooking Classics The Technique Homemade Tortilla Chips Once a basic masa dough has been prepared & a tortilla press is used to make corn tortillas, many different types of recipes may be crafted from scratch. Homemade Tortilla Chips are simple as they are just deep fried & sprinkled with salt. They may be served with […]

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