Summer Entertaining: Fresh Herb Goat Cheese & Tomatoes

Summer Entertaining Southern Socials Fresh Herb Goat Cheese & Tomatoes Simple appetizers filled with seasonal fresh herbs that are accompanied with vine ripened tomatoes should certainly highlight offerings for guests when small gatherings are planned with friends. A selection of grape & cherry tomatoes such as Tomato Sunsugar & Tami G provide delicious flavor & pair […]

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25 Summer-Fresh Recipes With Homegrown Tomatoes

Cooking Essentials The Profile 25 Summer-Fresh Recipes With Homegrown Tomatoes If you started a vegetable garden in the spring, you’re more than likely harvesting goodies daily for use in all sorts of delicious dishes. Homegrown tomatoes have long been coveted gems in the South as they may be added to everything from appetizers & salads […]

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The Essential Guide To Heat-Thriving Sun & Shade Plants

Garden Essentials The Profile The Essential Guide To Heat-Thriving Sun & Shade Plants Heat-thriving flowers & plants are essential staples to every southern garden once the most sweltering time of the season sets in. These lovely selections should not only hold up well in their specific locations within the garden but ideally pair beautifully together […]

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Summer Entertaining: Liriope

Summer Entertaining The Profile Liriope Liriope, more commonly known as Lilyturf or monkey grass, is a reliable perennial plant that may be used in many places around the grounds to provide color & texture in landscapes all year long. They need very little maintenance & grow quickly to fill in spaces. Bloom time in our region generally takes […]

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Summer Entertaining: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Summer Entertaining The Profile Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, papilio glaucous, is one of the most common species found between the spring & the fall months in the eastern portion of North America with a lifespan of approximately two weeks. In order to become the beautiful papillons gardeners look for once bloom […]

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Summer Entertaining: Gold Star Narrow Leaf Zinnia

Summer Entertaining The Profile  Gold Star Narrow Leaf Zinnia  Gold Star Narrow Leaf Zinnia also referred to as Zinnia angustifolia, apart of the Asteraceae family, is an herbaceous annual sun-loving flower with a bushy growth habit. It is known to be drought tolerant with blooms that begin in the spring & last well into the fall months. If […]

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Summer Entertaining: White Wonder Caladium

Summer Entertaining The Profile White Wonder Caladium White Wonder Caladium is a beautiful, old-fashioned plant known for its heart-shaped foliage. These heat tolerate garden musts may be used in locations that receive either sun or shade as they are very adaptable. It is best practices to allow them early morning light, then cover from the hottest […]

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Summer Entertaining: Crystal White Narrow Leaf Zinnia

Summer Entertaining The Profile  Crystal White Narrow Leaf Zinnia  Crystal White Narrow Leaf Zinnia also referred to as Zinnia angustifolia is an annual sun-loving flower with a bushy growth habit. The petite, cheery blooms tend to thrive when the heat of the summer sets in with greenery that holds color & a continuous display of flowers. […]

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