it’s my pleasure to introduce you to… Stacy Keibler

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Stacy Keibler

I spoke with Stacy last week to find out more about her favorite foods, furry friends & songs, of course.
But did you know she’s one of the hosts of a new show?

Here’s a taste of what Stacy had to say.
Drop back by on Thursday & get to know Chef Michael Chiarello on a more personal level.

Please, do…
allow me share all of the juicy scoop

Rebecca Gordon Buttermilk Lipstick Stacy Keibler Michael Chiarellothe 411
one of the stars of the new Lifetime series
Supermarket Superstar
where home cooks & chefs have the opportunity
to compete to win nationwide distribution of their homemade dish
by a national supermarket chain
{Tune in Thursday evenings after Project Runway}

Stacy Keibler is a television host & actress having appeared in numerous comedy, drama & dance projects. Keibler’s lifelong passion for all things health & fitness has inspired her to venture into re-educating consumers about the foods they eat. Her hope is to target young adults & kids by encouraging healthy eating habits. She is in the initial stages of developing a nourishing food line. On the show, she offers encouragement & support serving as one of the hosts.

1. You’re a beauty & fitness inspiration to young ladies in hometowns across America. What is the No.1 piece of advice you want to give women looking to make a positive change in their food & fitness choices?

I think people should test their bodies to see how different foods effect them. One thing I’ve done recently is experiment with not only what goes in my body but I gave up exercising for a month in order to track the result more efficiently, really looking to see how those foods reacted with my body chemistry. I would say that the biggest take away for consumers, the one thing they can start doing today is to educate themselves about what they eat by making it a habit of reading food labels and tracking what is actually going into their body. Food not only provides nourishment & fuel but it affects the way we’re able to think & process information as well as the way we feel & sleep which in turn effects our mood.

2. What’s your favorite recipe… right this minute?

I’ve started a new blog, SK Philosophy & there’s this amazing, easy chocolate pudding recipe I’ll be posting soon that’s dairy free, gluten free, sugar free… & well, guilt free! Completely to die for & extremely indulgent. For now, who doesn’t love a good cocktail? You must try my SK Kiefer (!)

3. Speaking of food, on your new show, Supermarket Superstar, you taste each dish the contestants prepare. What’s the craziest thing you’ve nibbled on so far?

Crickets! They were used in a dish as a protein source! …very interesting {she says w/ sweet excitement}

4. What do you think the biggest take away from the show will be for the viewers at home who are watching & rooting for folks just like themselves.

Oh without a doubt, the show is a platform for people to make their dreams become a reality. I wanted all of the contestants to win because you learn of their amazing stories and the path they have traveled in order to be there.  And these recipes have stories within themselves, having been passed down from generation to generation. These folks have spent every penny on making their dreams become a reality. It’s quite inspiring.

Although Stacy doesn’t have any pets of her own, she’s a huge animal lover, often known for spoiling her friends dogs rotten!

music to her ears
after a guilty pleasure mention of “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke & Co
{i’m w/ you on that!}
Stacy settles on this tune

download it
“Don’t You Worry Child” Swedish House Mafia

Swedish House Mafia – Don't You Worry Child ft. John Martin

{watch the video on YouTube… uploaded by SHMVEVO}

Be sweet.

Social Butterfly
Facebook: Stacy Keibler
Twitter: Stacy Keibler@StacyKeibler
Website: SK Philosophy

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