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My life immediately changed when my fiance proposed. I went from being a single young girl living in New York City to a woman moving to a completely new territory, solely for love. -Ivette Thomas

the 411
Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Southern Football Allegiance: N/A …umm hum, I’m on it.
Loves: Digital production… with a passion for bringing ideas to life through video, performing and sharing her experiences as well as learning from others.

Although Ivette Thomas has only been living in the city mere weeks, she didn’t hesitate to hit the ground running to uncover the very best Birmingham has to offer. Having grown up during the Boy Band Era, she and her sister were constantly singing and performing so they joined a pop group during high school and toured around the world. Although she loved to perform, she wanted to have the college experience. After graduating from the University of Central Florida, Ivette moved to New York City and worked for MTV on digital production for a variety of television shows.  She feels fortunate to be able to share all of those passions on her local, Birmingham-based website.

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Alabama & Auburn Bowl Game Tailgating
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How To Create A Game Day Beverage Station

Featured Recipe
Ginger Margaritas

Additional Game Day Recipe Ideas
Fresh Lemon Spinach Dip
Spicy Black Bean Cheddar Dip
Buffalo Chicken Sliders
Blue Cheese-Basil Aioli
Peanut Butter-Toffee Cookies

It didn’t take Ivette long to pick up on the passion for both schools in the area.

1.) What inspires you creatively?

Without a doubt, I’m always finding inspiration from others. I’m actually not that crafty so whenever I take on a new DIY project, I make sure it’s super easy and fun to do. Pinterest is a wonderful source and I love talking with some of the local Birmingham store owners. I learn something new everyday!

2.) What’s your favorite Birmingham…

Hot Spot

You can tell they put a lot of TLC in those cocktails.

Local Shop
Leaf N Petal
Absolutely one of my favorites. You walk in there needing nothing and end up wanting everything. {I LOVE it too!}

Point Of Beauty
Jemison Trail
I’m a huge fan! You feel like you’re running through the wilderness.

Learn More About The History of Birmingham & Real Estate Developer
Robert Jemison, Jr
{Courtesy of the Birmingham Public Library}

3.) What’s your favorite Southern food and who makes it best?

There’s nothing I love more than some stone ground grits! Highlands Bar & Grill definitely has the best in town.

4.) What inspires you the most and gets you super excited?

When someone I don’t know personally comments on a post. Nothing excites me more than knowing I can meet someone new and share ideas from a website that I created!

5.) What signifies a beautiful day?

My perfect day. A run on Jemison Trail, shopping around Homewood and eating a tasty dinner I made by candlelight.

I think all of my experiences in life up until now have brought me to where I am today. Although I’m a newbie, I’m a true lover of Birmingham. Its spirit and beauty is incomparable. I want to be a platform where people can share what they love about the style and culture of Birmingham. -Ivette Thomas

music to her ears
download it
“Get What You Give” New Radicals

New Radicals – You Get What You Give (Original)

{watch the video on YouTube… uploaded by Alanna Williams}

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Be sweet.

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