it’s my pleasure to introduce you to… Chef Michael Chiarello

Chef Michael Chiarello Rebecca Gordon Buttermilk Lipstick I had a chat with the busy celebrity chef recently & he drops in to tell us about his new television venture
he’ll also be first in line for the Southern-style family meal this evening…
fried chicken
{you have to see how they make it in his restaurant}

Rebecca Gordon Buttermilk Lipstick Stacy Keibler Michael Chiarellothe 411
one of the stars of the new Lifetime series
Supermarket Superstar
where home cooks & chefs have the opportunity
to compete to win nationwide distribution of their homemade dish
by a national supermarket chain
{Tune in Thursday evenings after Project Runway}

Chef Michael Chiarello is an award winning chef & Emmy winning television host, restauranteur, vinter, noted author & an expert in the field of culinary retail, he owns Bottega restaurant in Napa Valley & Coqueta, a new Spanish restaurant on San Francisco’s waterfront & also created the lifestyle brand NapaStyle. Chiarello released his eighth cookbook this spring, Live Fire & his Food Network television show Easy Entertaining airs daily. He has appeared on Iron Chef America, Top Chef Masters, Top Chef & and The Next Iron Chef. You’ll also find him as a frequent guest of the TODAY Show, Access Hollywood & CBS Early Morning. On his latest show, he mentors the competitors to help them win the competition.

1. Having been a part of shows such as Top Chef, what’s different about the contestants on that show and those who are featured on Supermarket Superstar?

In format, they’re two pretty different shows… I think what I loved about Supermarket Superstar is getting a chance to be an EP on the show and participate in sort of crafting what the story lines are as everybody knows somebody or you are that person that has the qualities to do what we’re talking about.

…when you look at Top Chef or shows I’ve done like Iron Chef or Top Chef Masters, these are people that have 25 years of experience or in some of the younger shows, 8 to 9 years professional experience– hard-core 16-hour days, so you’re a voyeur into what’s going on in the competition and very seldom does the home cook possess the skills and experience to be able to do the same thing for yourself. This one, you can really look at and watch being built from the ground up.

2. Do you have any advice for aspiring chefs who may want to market a recipe or product on a large scale?

You know, the three tier system in America is brutal to kind of break through and it’s a little bit of a good ole boys club about how you do it. I always suggest that once you have a product that you find a regional retailer or a retailer that you can have a partnership with specifically rather than trying to get it out to the mass market. There’s a big difference between having a relationship with one retailer and doing something well.

When I started off in specialty foods, I had a California olive oil business in ’88– I partnered with Williams-Sonoma and Chuck Williams loved the product and my restaurant then, Tra Vigne was known for putting olive oil on the table… it was kind of early in that trend and we made the oil. So as we went from there to flavored oils, I had one retailer so I could really concentrate the quality in the one product basket and then I only had to work with one retailer on the other end and make sure it was selling so I could make sure it was a success. If it wasn’t moving as fast as I wanted then I could go to some of the local stores and do some promotions and tastings and assure its success.

3. What’s your favorite recipe right this minute… what do you turn to to get dinner on the table quickly?

You know, it’s funny. Last night, we just got back from holiday and my kids and wife went off for a little more holiday and everybody got back last night and I had 10 minutes to put dinner on the table and it was quinoa pasta with– our tomato garden was blowin’ up. A beautiful Italian tuna, a quinoa pasta, fresh tomatoes, boiled, cured olives and a little bit of spice… when you’re looking to get your mouth full of flavor, spice and spices can do that where fats have usually taken the easy road before.

4. What’s your favorite splurge and who makes it best?

Even though I’m in and around food everyday and my splurge is around me, I eat a very, very healthful diet and very seldom would I sit in front of a plate of something fried but if I was sitting in the coast of Taormina and a big fritto misto of seafood and a glass of bianco… I don’t know, there’s something about a big bright white and a big plate of Mediterranean fish fried crispy…

On his response, I commented that in the South it’s a lot of fried chicken and fried green tomatoes so I could appreciate his choice. He went on to say:

I was going to start with fried chicken but that would be plain to you {with a chuckle}. We do a fried chicken here for our family meal where we vacuum pack marinate them and then cook them sous-vide first for 12 hours then fry them and it’s just to die for and all my team just loves it so I am usually first in line for fried chicken Thursday’s.

music to his ears
Michael is a cyclist.
He says he particularly likes to listen to this tune when he hits a long flat stretch.

download it
“Since I Fell For You” Nina Simone

Nina Simone-Since I Fell For You + Lyrics

{watch the video on YouTube… uploaded by wigwambam}

Socialize with Michael
twitter: @chefchiarello
{he invites you to follow along during the show}
intagram: chefchiarello#
{look for behind the scenes pics}

Be sweet.

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