Game Day Provisions 101: SEC Championship Chalk Talk Cookies

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Alabama Crimson Tide vs Florida Gators

The Southeastern Conference celebrates its 25th Anniversary on Saturday with a throwback to the original teams from 1992 that started it all at Birmingham, Alabama’s Legion Field. You can expect a sterling reunion of classic players not only by the respective offense & defense on the gridiron but on the sidelines as well. Coaches Nick Saban & Jim McElwain will meet again on opposite sides of the field.

As regular season play comes to an end, football fanatics get ready to feast on a cornucopia of playoff & bowl games that happen to coinside with holiday entertaining. Tailgating socials suddenly morph into odd, festive gatherings. Splashy holiday sweaters ring doorbells with team logo ball caps perched just above the browline. Standing tall & proud like flashy front window evergreens crowned with gold stars, die hard guests exchange quick pleasantries with Open House hosts & make a beeline to the post game matchup action on the television. Red solo cups & co-cola are packed away until next year making way for more jovial game day libations. As the season changes so do our tastes. Bourbon kissed eggnog steals the hearts of many loyalists & brandy makes a welcome entrance offering cozy sips of wassail served in punch cups adorn with holly berries & bright green leaves. 

With Christmas parties in full swing, you had better believe the sugar bowl has made its presence known. Baked goods line up in punt formation, generally aimed directly toward my mouth. Plan to diagram a few trick plays & spice up heirloom cookie musts with a few basic fundamentals. When you have good solid players on the roster, tried & true recipes that remind your of your grandmother offer endless possibilities. Buttermilk Shortbread Hearts transition into X’s & O’s filled with the sweet scents of the season. Hard working pumpkin pie spice makes a return visit to a traditional cookie favorite. 
 Chalk Talk SEC Championship Game Cookies 25th Anniversary By Rebecca Gordon Buttermilk Lipstick Tide & Tigers Today Tailgating Hostess Game Day Entertaining Raycom Sports WBRC Alabama Crimson Tide vs Florida Gators Atlanta Georgia Dome rebecca gordon buttermilk lipstick Southern Recipes & How To's Easy Tailgate Recipes RebeccaGordon ButtermilkLipstickChalk Talk Cookies
makes 2 dozen

Run The Option

Omit the pumpkin pie spice or substitute ground cinnamon for equally tasty results. 

3/4 cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup butter
3 Tbsp whole buttermilk
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
1 1/4 cup ap flour
3/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice
Pinch of kosher salt
Powdered Sugar

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.
Cream the sugar, the butter, the buttermilk & the vanilla
with an electric stand mixer on Medium speed until creamy.

stop the mixer on occasion & scrape down the bowl sides with a rubber spatula

Add the flour, the pumpkin pie spice & the salt.
Blend on Low speed just until the dough comes together.

Roll the dough to a 1/8-inch thickness on a lightly floured surface.
Cut 12 X-shapes with a 3-inch cutter.
Cut 12 O-shapes with a 2 3/4-inch round cutter.
Cut the centers from the circles with a 1 1/2-inch round cutter.
Reroll the dough as needed.

Place on parchment paper-lined half sheet pans.
Repeat until all of the dough is cut.

expect a soft dough
you can refrigerate briefly if you need to

Bake the pans, in batches, on the center rack for 18 to 22 minutes
or until golden brown on the cookie bottoms.

The tops should be pale in color.
Cool completely on the pans, about 30 minutes.
Coat the cookies in powdered sugar.

The Extra Point

Set up a dessert beverage bar. Organize shot glasses & mugs. Ice down milk & serve hot cocoa with loads of marshmallows for an extra special treat to enjoy with the cookies.

Championship Game Day Cookies By Rebecca Gordon Buttermilk Lipstick Tailgate Party Entertaining Alabama vs Flordia 25th Anniversary SEC Championship football game Atlanta Georgia Dome Pumpkin Spice Buttermilk Shortbread Holiday CookiesFROM THE SOUTHERN HOSTESS OF BUTTERMILK LIPSTICK
{helpful advice}

Chalk Talk Championship Cookies By Rebecca Gordon Buttermilk Lipstick Tide & Tigers Today Game Day Tailgating Expert Southern Football Hostess Alabama Crimson Tide vs Florida Gators Allman Brothers Band Macon Georgia Pumpkin Spice Buttermilk ShortbreadHow To Diagram The Perfect Holiday & Game Day Cookie

 Kick-off the X’s & O’s of game day & holiday sweets.
A simple shortbread cookie goes long when filled with a dash of spice.
Round & X-shaped cutters add breezy extra style points.

To clinch the win, pure sweetness is the real deal MVP.
Chalk up these bad boys with powdered sugar for a signature victory.
Diagram the treats directly on slate boards to sail the idea home.


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