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When compiling fun facts for “the fans” for Southern Livings The Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook, I had the opportunity to ask Ms. Terry and several other football notables a few questions in regards to Southern food and game day in general. There wasn’t room to run it all in the cookbook but I thought you may be interested in what they had to say…to you, the fans!

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Wife of Head Football Coach Nick Saban, The University of Alabama

1. Who is the greatest football player, coach, or icon of all time from Alabama?

Ms. Terry: There is good reason that every other someone or something is named after Bear. Coach Bryant left a legacy here that goes beyond mere tradition.

2. What team do you just want to clobber on the field?

Ms. Terry: …how about the one that beat you last time? Let’s get it right this time! Remember how it felt to lose that game? We don’t ever want to feel that again! Great motivation!

3. What is the most memorable SEC game you’ve ever been to? What made it so amazing…or devastating!

Ms. Terry: With 40 years of games behind us, I would say the big games have been the ones that have determined a National Championship, the Ultimate goal in college football.

4.  Regardless of what the sports reporters and critics declare, who do you personally think is your school’s biggest rival?

Ms. Terry: I think everyone would agree that Auburn is our biggest rival. Anytime you have instate rivalries, they are special! When Nick coached at Michigan State, our biggest rival was the University of Michigan, with who we open this coming season in Dallas Cowboy Stadium!

Check back on Wednesdays to learn more of what Ms. Terry and other game day notables had to say on the subject of tailgating, football, and Southern food faves.

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