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bruschetta w/ tomatoes & basil {farm fresh app}

{made better w/ our homegrown tomatoes… preferably from sand mountain} Bruschetta with Tomatoes & Basil {ready to eat in 15 min} {grill} brush baguette slices w/ olive oil grill over med-high heat until toasted {a few minutes per side} cut a garlic clove in half & rub on toasted bread {chop & stir} 2 medium […]

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alabama gulf barbecue shrimp

southern favorite: barbecue shrimp

the first thing you should know is that the title is misleading {no need to fire up the barbie} the 411 what identifies this classic new orleans-style dish is the signature worcestershire-spiked butter sauce generally oven-baked, i like to make it on the stove top for a fast summer meal Barbecue Shrimp makes 2 to […]

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Rebecca Gordon Mexican Street Corn

what to do with pepitas & queso fresco… {right this minute}

{perk up farm stand produce & sundries} the 411 pepitas roasted & lightly salted pumpkin seeds found w/ the bulk packaged nuts & seeds in your grocery store {look near the produce section} queso fresco mexican crumbling cheese w/ very mild flavor think fresh, salty & a touch sour generally made from cows milk or […]

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Bourbon Lemonade

southern favorite: blueberry-basil bourbon lemonade

Blueberry-Basil Lemonade with Bourbon makes 2 muddle a handful of fresh blueberries & 2 basil sprigs in a cocktail shaker add 1/2 cup good bourbon & lemonade… shake it up real good pour over ice in tall glasses & top w/ additional lemonade {add the blueberries & basil to the glasses which is my preference […]

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How to make fried green tomatoes

what to do with {fried} green tomatoes…{right this minute}

{sultry summer superstars ready for their debut with a classic hot oil treatment} how to cook Fried Green Tomatoes {plain good eatin’  in 20 min} 1 1/4 cups self-rising cornmeal mix 2 tsp Creole seasoning 3/4 cup whole buttermilk 1 egg 2 green tomatoes, sliced veg oil 1.) Stir together cornmeal mix & Creole seasoning. […]

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lady peas

what to do with fresh lady peas… {right this minute}

you see them at your local farm stand… go ahead & pick some up the 411 a little baby {field} pea more tender & sweet than others in the fam such as black-eyed, pink-eyed & crowders {you can sub these in a pinch} how to cook 1.) 3 cups lady peas 2.) boiling, salted water […]

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chocolate thumbprint cookies

milk & cookies: chocolate thumbprint cookies

these aren’t too sweet & you should know that going in… making them ideal served w/ juicy gossip the basics the recipe Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies Makes 5 dozen Total time: 1 hr or so 1 cup softened butter 1 cup powdered sugar 2 cups ap flour 1/2 cup finely ground toasted pecans 1/4 tsp table […]

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how to make deviled eggs

small batch deviled eggs

how to make deviled eggs {what to do w/ 4 lonely hard cooked eggs} mash yolks w/ a fork stir in a few dollops of mayonnaise, a little coarse grain mustard, a few dashes of hot sauce {beat it like crazy to break up the lumps} add a smidgen of kosher salt & freshly ground […]

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simple entertaining: sparkling strawberry-lemonade sangria

Sparkling Strawberry-Lemonade Sangria 2 (16-oz) packages fresh strawberries, hulled and divided 1/4 cup sugar 1 (89-oz) container chilled lemonade 1 (750-ml) bottle Prosecco, chilled 2 lemons thinly sliced 4 cups ice, divided Pulse half of the strawberries with the sugar in a food processor until smooth. Slice remaining strawberries & set aside. Stir together lemonade, […]

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Butter Pecan Shortbread

milk & cookies: wedding cookies

think showers & such… it’s that time the basics the recipe Wedding Cookies Makes 5 dozen Total time: 1 hr or so {pantry staples make these slightly more dangerous than 5-ingredient trouble} 1 cup softened butter 1 cup powdered sugar 2 cups ap flour 1/2 cup finely ground toasted pecans 1/4 tsp table salt 2 […]

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