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Everyday Style: Petite Spring Bouquets

Everyday Style Petite Spring Bouquets Easy charm with a few simple snips Southerners rekindle personal courtships each & every spring with honeysuckle. For many, the delicate fragrance is reminiscent of childhood… catching fire flies at dusk or wrapping up one last game of TV tag with the other neighborhood kids before our moms call us in for the […]

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Field House Chocolate Chip Cookie Boxes Ball Park Entertaining Softball Baseball rebeccagordon buttermilklipstick southern hostess party ideas sports girls

Sports Crafts: How To Make Softball Bunting & Winning Treats

Sports Entertaining Softball Sweets Hit snack appetites out of the park with winning treats. Pack All-American chocolate chip cookies in spirit packed boxes.  Follow my tips & take one for the team for a bonafide home run.  Ball Park Boxes Make cookies special with these ideas for a signature win On deck… Post game sweets. […]

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Spicy Cheese Straws With Rice Krispies cereal Cheese Pennies wafers southern old fashioned recipes rebeccagordon buttermilklipstick southern hostess party garden ideas outdoor entertaining wedding baby shower

Spring Entertaining: Southern-Style Party Favors

Spring Entertaining A Savory Send Off Homemade cheese straws are a delicious nibble to offer guests at almost any get-together. They make an ideal favor as they can be offered during the soiree & packaged for friends to take with them conjuring memories of the celebration long after it is over. Party favors are simple gifts of […]

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Pretty Easter Presentations Entertaining at home parties weddings bridal showers rebeccagordon buttermilklipstick tailgating recipes Old Fashioned recipes

Spring Entertaining: Chicken Salad Party Ideas

Spring Entertaining Sweet & Seasonal Chicken Salad Eggs Seated gatherings & Easter celebrations call for eye-catching ideas. Fill egg cups with mixed baby greens. Perch egg shaped chicken salad servings on top. Accompany place settings with antique silver butter knives in a variety of patterns. Spring inspired crackers soften the look. As new growth begins […]

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How To Make Palmiers Cheddar Pecan Cheese Straws rebeccagordon buttermilklipstick southern hostess

Spring Entertaining: Butterfly Palmiers

Spring Entertaining How To Make Butterfly Palmiers  When the butterflies emerge, it’s hard not to notice them dancing through the air many times in the most unlikely of places & at the most unlikely times. Butterflies represent a host of lovely things such as rest, patience & the beauty of becoming not to mention what’s […]

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Honeysuckle Wedding Cake Cookies rebeccagordon buttermilklipstick spring parties wedding showers entertaining southern recipes

Spring Entertaining: How To Make Fondant Honeysuckle Blooms

Spring Entertaining Company’s Coming When the sweet scent of honeysuckle perfumes breezy porches, you can’t help but smile a little knowing Spring is settling in to share all of its’ glorious freshly snipped gifts. Azalea, dogwood & hydrangea blossoms are soon to fall in line with perfect pitch. As the petals open so do our front doors. We extend gracious […]

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Rudolph Chip Clips RebeccaGordon ButtermilkLipstick Christmas Holiday crafts gifts party ideas southern hostess

Holiday Crafts: Rudolph Gift Clips

Holiday Crafts Rudolph Gift Clips Customize Christmas giving with easy-to-make reindeer cheer Draw two long lines using a fine brown permanent marker onto wooden clips. Add smaller lines to resemble antlers. Pop in a couple of circles using a white paint pen & allow to dry. Add a dot in the center of each white […]

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How To Make Your Own Christmas Tree Ornaments rebeccagordon southern hostess buttermilklipstick holiday 2015

Holiday Crafts: Mason Jar Wreath Ornaments

Holiday Crafts Trim The Tree Sprinkle joy throughout your home with a sweet & simple round of applause Mason Jar Wreaths Leave about a 3-inch piece of ribbon at the point of where you begin. Wrap ribbon around Mason jar lids covering all of the metal. Tie a knot with the overhang of ribbon. Snip […]

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turkey thanksgiving kids paper craft rebeccagordon buttermilklipstick southern hostess tailgating party

Game Day Crafts 101: Touchdown Turkeys

Game Day Entertaining When you’re scheduled to hold court at the most coveted of tables on Thanksgiving Day… You’d best make it fun for the rest of the pint-size gang. Touchdown Turkeys Cut football shapes from craft paper in team colors. Fan the shapes to resemble the feathers of a turkey & secure with tape […]

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RebeccaGordon ButtermilkLipstick Entertaining Ideas Holiday Party Football tailgate fan fare Good Day Alabama Fox 6 Birmingham

Holiday Style: Thanksgiving Blooms

Holiday Entertaining Make a lovely flower arrangement from grocery store blooms. Follow my tips for one easy arrangement. Pretty Simple Posies Fresh bright blooms quickly update traditional fall hues. Pick up a cheery bouquet from the market & snip the stems down with scissors. Arrange the flowers in vintage silver sugar & creamer coffee sets. Bring […]

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