Basketball Madness: Three-Point Swoosh

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College Playoff Tournament

Three-Point Swoosh

Dribble your way to the basket & score big.
Adorable party bags are a fun & practical way to celebrate basketball game parties. 

Simple gift sacks become instant containers for chips, crackers & bread.
Just add a few swoosh-worthy warm or cold dips to round out the snacks.

Slam Dunk Meatball Sub Dip & Sweet Potato-White Bean Dip step up to the line…
Be certain & try them for the buzzer beater win.
Expect a round of compliments when you sport this idea courtside. 

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How To Make Basketball Goal Bags By Rebecca Gordon Buttermilk Lipstick March Madness Basketball Game Entertaining Tailgating Expert Football & Sports Entertaining Tide & Tigers Today Game Day Tailgate Host Birmingham Alabama Crimson Tide Hoops Chef AuthorHow To Craft An Easy Basket For Game Parties

 Make a fast break for the scissors, paper & glue.
Hand craft your own b-ball game tabletop swag.

Three-Point Swoosh Sacks

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Style Points

Net big style points with a few pivotal moves.

Cut the top from a standard-size gift bag with scissors.
The size should measure approximately 8 x 8-inches.

Cut 2 wooden coffee sticks to measure 5-inches.
Cut 2 wooden coffee sticks to measure 3 1/2-inches.
Secure the first piece of wood 1 1/2-inches from the top of the sack with glue.
Arrange the remaining pieces to resemble a backboard & secure with glue.

Cut 2 wooden coffee sticks to measure 2 5/16-inches.
Cut 2 wooden coffee sticks to measure 1 1/8-inches.
Secure the first large piece of wood in the lower third of the box with glue.
Arrange the remaining pieces to resemble a shooter’s square & secure with glue.

Cut a 2 x 2 x 1-inch trapezoid from brown card stock.
Brush glue over the entire surface.
Position several small pieces of butchers twine over the trapezoid,
allowing the string to hang over the sides. Push the string into the glue to adhere.
Allow to dry. Snip the edges clean with scissors using the trapezoid shape as a guide.

Glue a small 2-inch strip of orange card stock over the top of the netting.
Allow to dry. Create a 1-inch circle using a craft punch. 
Draw lines on the circle to resemble a basketball.
Glue the circle to the netting.

Attach the crafted net in the center of the backboard base with glue. Allow to dry.
Line the inside of the sack with a plastic zip-top bag before filling with nibbles. 

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