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Basketball Legends

College Playoff Tournament

Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr.
Born: August 14, 1959
Hometown: Lansing, Michigan
College: Michigan State
Nickname: Magic

Magic Johnson is one of the most beloved players the sport of basketball has ever known. Magic, a nickname given to him by a reporter in high school, was noted as an individual with a strong work ethic who practiced the game tirelessly. During Johnson’s rookie season alone in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, he managed to pull off playing center, guard & forward at different points in the game due to an injury suffered by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar proving his dynamic flexibility. Collectively, he has accomplished many great things across his personal, professional & business life over the years despite many set backs. 

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1979 College Basketball Championship Game
Magic vs Bird

This game holds many pivotal moments for the sport of basketball by first taking the college playoff series & March Madness to new levels & by helping the NBA soar to new heights. Both players filled their new professional lives with a burst of energy & life that allowed them to flourish. In the tournament game which is recorded as the highest rated televised basketball game ever, Michigan State led by Magic Johnson & Indiana State led by Larry Bird, ended in an 11 point victory due to Johnson’s savvy court skills earning him the MVP award. Although this particular game would mark the beginning of a long standing rivalry between the two in the NBA which included dueling Converse high top commercials, they have since buried the hatchet. They went on to capture Olympic gold together by playing on the infamous Dream Team in 1992. 

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Magic Johnson has become a big time player in numerous businesses over the years. Some of his more successful endeavors include vested interests of national franchise establishments that have performed well in the suburbs by placing them in more urban settings with a few “magic” touches. He owns over 100 Starbucks with some that feature more neighborhood friendly picnic table seating located outside. His Burger King restaurants have his own voice greet customers with specials over the intercom system. Johnson also has investments in fitness centers, food service management firms & mid-level restaurant chains. 

Basketball March Madness Game Recipes & Party Ideas By Rebecca Gordon Buttermilk Lipstick TV Sports Cooking Personality Basketball Football Tailgating & Sports Entertaining Expert Tide & Tigers Today Tailgate Host Raycom Sports Birmingham Alabama Crimson Tide Hoops Cooking Lessons Original DIY Gameday Crafts & Recipes32 Superfly Magic Johnson Moves

No. 1

Premium Player

First overall draft pick in the NBA.

No. 2

In The Beginning

 Magic Johnson comes from a family dedicated to hard work. His mother & father held several jobs simultaneously to make sure their nine children were well taken care of.

 No. 3

Top Three

 Magic holds the record for most three pointers in the NBA at 10.

No. 4

Reaching For The Sky

Two of Magic’s most famous moves on the court were the hook shot made with one hand blocking an opponent & using the other to gently sweep the ball over his head & into the basket while airborne & the skyhook. The latter consists of a shot from farther away with a larger arc.

No. 5

Learning To Fly

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar taught Magic how to match his effort & shoot the skyhook in games of H-O-R-S-E after regular practice.

No. 6

TV Timeout

  Magic was a Communications major in college & had originally wanted to become a broadcaster.

No. 7

Name In Lights

 Johnson has been instrumental in giving back to lower socio-economic communities & has opened movie theaters in minority neighborhoods around the country.

No. 8

 Lucky 8 Ball

After 8 years, Magic finally received the Most Valuable Player Award from the NBA.

 No. 9

 For The Bible Tells Me So

 Magic’s mother is not fond of his nickname.

No. 10

It’s A Numbers Game

 There were two numbers Johnson wore while playing ball. In college with Michigan State, he wore No. 33. While with the Los Angeles Lakers, Magic wore No. 32.

No. 11

Head Coach

Magic lead the Lakers for the 1993-1994 basketball season.

No. 12

A Dozen Roses

Johnson was a 12 time All-Star while he played fort he NBA.

No. 13


Magic started Aspire, the cable television network.

No. 14

Write This Down

Johnson is the author of numerous books ranging in topics such as his personal journey in living HIV positive to how to run successful businesses.

No. 15

All In The Family

Magic has three children & a wife whom he adores named Cookie.

No. 16

Passing Lane

Johnson was known for excellent passing skills often times catching the opponent off guard by doing it with his eyes closed.

No. 17

Mr. Big

Michigan State wins the Big Ten Championship Conference with Johnson at the helm in 1978. 

No. 18

Mending Fences

Magic shoots a Converse television commercial with Larry Bird in 1984 which ended their rivalry.

No. 19

Pure Passion For The Game

Magic Johnson used to dribble the basketball everywhere he went & has admitted to going night-night with it when he was younger.

No. 20

Baby Face

Johnson went pro in 1979 at 20 years old.

No. 21

Presidential Sweet

Magic played ball with Barack Obama for the troops.

No. 22

With Honors

In 2002, Johnson was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall Of Fame.

No. 23

Top Tomato

Johnson was named NBA MVP in 1987, 1989 & 1990.

No. 24

Digital Gaming

Magic Johnson is the star of his own video game called Fast Break.

No. 25

Slam Dunk Success

In Johnson’s 13 years with the NBA, he scored 5 championships with the L.A. Lakers.

No. 26

Mama Said

Johnson’s mom preferred the nicknames June Bug & Junior for her son.

No. 27

Seizing Opportunity

Johnson saw real potential in underserved urban markets & began building his business empire around them. Shopping centers, movie theaters & restaurants began to fill & serve the communities that truly needed them most.

No. 28

Sky High

Magic Johnson, at 6′ 9″ is the tallest point guard in NBA history.

No. 29

Good Sport Sense

Magic has invested in many teams over the years including the Los Angeles Lakers, the Los Angeles Sparks & the Los Angeles Dodgers.

No. 30

Beyond Magic

Magic Johnson was a larger than life figure in the game of basketball & had a smile that could light a room. Everyone that watched him play felt they had witnessed something truly special. 

No. 31

 Well Respected

In 1992, the Lakers retired his No. 32 basketball jersey.

No. 32

Crash Of The Clash

“Magic is head-and-shoulders above everybody else. I’ve never seen [anybody] as good as him.” –Larry Bird



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