Cooking Classics: Roasted Garlic Beef Gravy

Cooking Classics The Technique Roasted Garlic Beef Gravy There are many ways to make a rich, beef gravy & although it’s wonderfully delicious with the pan drippings collected from a recipe of Classic Beef Pot Roast, broth, stock or consommé may be used in place of them. Season the mixture well with pepper, fresh herbs, […]

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The Basics: Dried Bay Leaves

Cooking Essentials  The Technique Dried Bay Leaves Bay or laurel leaves may be found on the evergreen Laurus nobilis or sweet bay tree. With deep roots in Asia Minor & the Mediterranean, bay leaves have long been a staple in a variety of cuisines known for their deeply robust & full bodied flavors. Dried bay leaves are […]

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Cooking Classics: Beef Pot Roast

Cooking Classics The Technique Beef Pot Roast Traditional meat cuts such as beef chuck roast make excellent slow cooked meals. Classic Beef Pot Roast utilizes several key cooking techniques by first seasoning the beef & searing it on the stove top in a small amount of oil, then braising it at a low temperature for […]

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The Basics: How To Braise

  Cooking Essentials The Technique How To Braise Braising is a cooking method ideal to use during the winter months in particular. It relies on a combination of techniques the first of which is a dry heat then a wet. Meats may be seasoned either with or without flour, seared in a hot skillet on […]

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The Basics: Beef Chuck Roast

Cooking Essentials The Profile  Beef Chuck Roast Beef chuck roast also known as chuck pot roast & chuck center roast is specifically cut from the chuck roll located in the shoulder region of the cow. It is a relatively economical cut known to have rich beef flavor, consistent marbling throughout & available as a boneless or […]

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The Essential Guide To Beef

Cooking Essentials The Profile  The Essential Guide To Beef  Beef has long been a popular item to serve for main dish entrees, in soups & stews, for sandwiches as well as many appetizer applications. Although we look to ground beef to fill a variety of those needs at meal time with popular classics ranging from […]

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The Basics: How To Sharpen Knives

Cooking & Baking Essentials The Technique How To Sharpen Knives  One of the most important kitchen tasks is making sure everyday equipment & tools are properly maintained. Sharp knives will not only aide in providing a pleasing look when slicing & chopping vegetables that may be combined in a mirepoix for heart warming winter soups or […]

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The Basics: Bread Knife

Cooking & Baking Essentials  The Technique Bread Knife A serrated bread knife is an essential tool that should be in every kitchen. With the blade generally measuring approximately 8 to 10-inches in length, it makes slicing bread, rolls & sandwiches fast & simple. They are an important tool particularly when classic torta recipe preparations are in […]

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