Baking Classics: Buttermilk Telera Rolls

Baking Classics  The Technique Buttermilk Telera Rolls A standard offering from panadarias, telera rolls are a popular choice when preparing tortas or classic Mexican-style sandwiches. Most often times this flat, chewy bread is hearth baked, however today’s tutorial details the technique for handcrafting them in your own oven. The good news is that no special […]

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How To Make Classic Mexican Breads Southern-Baking-Rebecca-Gordon-Southern-Hostess-Buttermilk-Lipstick-Southern-Entertaining-Dough-Hook Party Menus By Rebecca Gordon. Cooking & Baking Turorials By Rebecca Gordon Editor-In-Chief Buttermilk Lipstick. Stand Mixer Dough Hook Attachment How To Make Pizza Dough Southern Party Menus Entertaining Ideas TV Cooking Personality How To Bake Southern Pizza Rolls Bread Dough

The Essential Guide To Classic Mexican Bread Styles

Baking Essentials  The Profile  The Essential Guide To Classic Mexican Bread Styles  A lovely selection of handcrafted yeast breads are perfect to offer guests & loved ones for a number of occasions. They may accompany other foods or be used in traditional ways as the star of the meal. There are many authentic Mexican classics that may be […]

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Cooking Classics: Fresh Tomato-Garlic Sauce

Cooking Classics The Technique Fresh Tomato-Garlic Sauce A food processor is a valuable piece of equipment necessary in order to make Fresh Tomato-Basil Sauce. It will provide an even consistency throughout the mixture lending a good texture to the final dish. A roux will also need to be prepared in order to aide in the […]

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Cooking Classics: Chiles Rellenos

Cooking Classics The Technique Chiles Rellenos Chiles Rellenos are roasted poblano peppers stuffed with cheese & deep fried with a crisp, light tempura-style batter. They may be served with a number of sauces that generally vary slightly from cook to cook. A cross between Salsa Roja & enchilada sauce, Fresh Tomato-Garlic Sauce relies on aromatic vegetables […]

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The Basics: Poblano Peppers

Cooking Essentials  The Technique Poblano Peppers Poblano peppers are a large, mild chili pepper that originated in Puebla, Mexico. They are ideal for stuffing with a variety of ingredients & most often served in main dish applications. Poblanos register on the Scoville Scale, a chart specifically designed to gauge the heat level of peppers, typically around […]

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Cooking Classics: Entomatadas

Cooking Classics The Technique Entomatadas There are a few ways by which classic Mexican entomatadas may be prepared. The dish consists of flash cooked corn tortillas that have been dipped in a flavorful salsa made with tomatoes, onion, garlic & peppers, then they are filled with meat & topped with fresh herbs, cheese or other […]

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Cooking Classics: Huevos Ahogados

Cooking Classics The Technique Huevos Ahogados Huevos Ahogados are basically eggs that have been poached in a brothy salsa. There are many variations on this concept where as the peppers may be swapped for dried favorites such as guajillos or chile de arbol while fresh cilantro & a smattering of queso fresco may be sprinkled […]

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The Basics: Limes

Cooking & Baking Essentials The Technique Limes  Most limes available are known as Persian or Tahiti more specifically which have been cross bred from lemons & key limes to produce this reliable seedless citrus variety. The fruit is extremely versatile as it can be showcased in sweet or savory recipe applications or serve as a […]

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